Green Stool During Pregnancy

Green Stool During Pregnancy

Come pregnancy and expect substantial changes in the body posture. If that wasn't enough, the increasing stubborn belly size with each passing day causes hot flashes, headaches and muscle pains, thanks to hormone imbalance during pregnancy. It is observed that pregnant females also experience green bowel movement. The typical color of feces is light brown and so excretion of green stools is certainly inappropriate. Is green color of stool attributed to hormone changes or exist any other causes? Let's learn.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is known to be a functional condition and other functional illness are called dyspepsia. The dyspepsia in fact come from the upper intestinal tract and also the oesophagus, duodenum stomach. The numerous signs that can be noticeable are bloating, stomach pain and also intestinal issues. A person might also experience queasiness or throwing up or there could be a feeling of fullness after having some little food.

  • This might cause abdominal discomfort and other gastrointestinal issues.
  • This condition may in some cases cause severe pancreatitis as well as liver infection.

Gallbladder Polyps

Gallbladder polyps are benign developments that could develop on the inner lining of the gallbladder. These may be asymptomatic, specifically throughout the initial phases. These are frequently found incidentally during a checkup. Surgical removal of polyps is advised only if they are big. It should be kept in mind that polyps may increase the danger of gallbladder cancer, which refers to the advancement of a malignant growth due to unusual and unchecked cellular division.

  • There are various terms that are utilized in exchange for Irritable Bowel Syndrom.
  • Some of which are spastic colon, mucous colitis, spastic colitis and others.
  • It should be cleared though that these are far various from the actual condition as explained for Irritable Bowel Syndrom.


Gastroenteritis or stomach flu is a disorder of the stomach and intestinal tracts caused due to bacteria (Salmonella enteritidis) and parasites. The bacteria get in the human body through infected food and water. Kids, teenagers and older individuals are more prone to this illness. Abdominal pain, queasiness, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia nervosa, etc. are the signs of gastroenteritis.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Changing your diet for ibs treatmentChanging your diet for ibs treatment Fatty foods are among the most common triggers of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms- in addition to dairy items, alcohol, soft drinks, coffee and other caffeinated beverages, and chocolate. Sugarless gums and mints contain the sweetener...
  • Whist is Heartburn?

    Heartburn is primarily brought on by the appropriate indigestion of the foods. If you do not offer adequate time to chew your foods appropriately then while these foods go to liver it is does not absorbed properly. From these undigested foods caused acid inside your body, and from this heartburn occurs. Though you try to throw up to obtain rid of this situation however this is not the appropriate method to get rid of this issue. If you overlook this problem day after day then it may be blamed to cause any cardiac problem or brings to life gastritis. Among the most efficient heartburn remedies is acupuncture. By doing this one can get remedy for his soreness of heartburn.

    5 Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Tips: MUST WATCH!

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    To Suppress Heartburn Symptoms One Must Avoid Foods and Beverages Which Includes Acid.Eg

    Tomatoes, oranges, lemons and alcohol. The consumption of caffeine and fat foods like chocolate ought to be prevented particularly in the evening. Drinking aloe vera juice prior to going to sleep or empty stomach in the early morning assists curb heartburn signs.

    • These gallstones cause problem mostly after a fatty meal, making the individual feel sick and feverish.
    • It likewise spearheads searing pain in the upper, ideal side of the abdomen.
    • Gallstones affect about 15% of the population, primarily aged 50 and above.
    • Furthermore, a a great deal of people also deal with other gallbladder problems, such as cancer of the gallbladder, gallbladder illness, etc

    Cholecystitis Inflammation of the Gallbladder is Clinically Described as Cholecystitis

    Apart from gallstones, growths (that cause buildup of bile), scarring of the bile duct (obstruction of bile circulation), etc., can trigger this condition. Blockage of the cystic duct could also cause swelling of the gallbladder.

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